Duplicate Finder

Improve SEO health of your Shopify store

Duplicate Finder

Improve SEO health of your Shopify store

Find and delete duplicate records in Shopify store. Find duplicate product titles, find duplicate SKUs, find duplicate barcodes of your Shopify store.

Why to install?

This plugin/ app had saved a great time of those merchants who had uploaded their data repeatedly on Shopify store by mistake. If you are also a merchant who had uploaded duplicate records by mistake on your Shopify store, then you must try this app. If you will use this app then you will be able to find the list of duplicate records present in your catalog. By using this app you will be able to delete all duplicate records. You will also be able to export list of all duplicate records of your Shopify store catalog.

Easy to use: To use this app you need not to have any coding knowledge. Just after installation and after syncing of data, you will be able to find duplicate records.

Free facility available: Before purchasing any paid plan, you can view list of duplicate records on app screen itself.

What are the main facilities of this app?

If you will install our this app, then you will be able to do following things in very easy manner. Main facilities of app are as like given below.

Find & Delete

Duplicate Titles

Find & Delete

Duplicate SKU

Find & Delete

Duplicate Barcodes


All Duplicate Records

How much this app will cost you?

Use it free

There is no cost on just installation of this app. Users are allowed to view duplicate records free on app screens. Install the app and sync data to use its demo part. Under this package your synced data is removed from app backend as soon as you logout from app.

Basic app charge

You can export and delete unlimited duplicate records from app by activating basic $6.25 monthly charge of app. Install the app, sync data & activate charge from app to export & delete unlimited duplicate records. Under this package your synced data is removed from app backend as soon as you logout from app.

Activate all apps charge

Under this package you are allowed to use our all Shopify related apps & you can also keep your Shopify related synced data on our app's server. Its cost depends upon the number of total variants in your Shopify store. Install the app and sync Shopify store data to know how much it will total cost you.

Who can use this app?

This app can be used by merchants who are running their ecommece shops on Shopify plateform.

What is Shopify?

This is an app developed for those merchants who are running their ecommerce shops on Shopify plateform. If you do not know about Shopify plateform, then let us tell you something about Shopify. Shopify is a very easy tool for merchants who wants to run their shops online. If you will start your shop using Shopify then you will need not to have a knowledge about coding. You have to just create an account and then just have to do the setup. Click here to start

Our happy clients say this about us

  • Raman and the team are top notch. Went above and beyond to help us out with all our needs. Don't hesitate to install this app!
    Said by : HPTautosport
  • This app saved me ALOT of time. It is fairly intuitive and exactly what I needed. Great work guys! Belinda bedloves.com.au
    Said by : bedloves
  • I love this app! I've been using the app for a few months now and it has saved me so much time. It works flawlessly. I have over 4,000 products and use the app on a regular basis to help find duplicate barcodes. I can highly recommend this app.
    Said by : TOYBOX
  • I love this app. It saves me tons of time with more than 2000 products on my store!! I would recommend.
    Said by : Clubstoned
  • Excellent app and support team are the best. easy to work with and very useful covering all our needs of data accuracy
    Said by :
  • I wish I had found this app much sooner! Not friendly with Safari, so use chrome and only handles automatically deleting of a page of 30 or so items at a time, but our input plug for items has been creating duplicates and we finally have the ability resolve! Thank you so much for such a great program!
    Said by : Dynamic Lamps
  • Great APP! Did exactly what I needed it to and helped me fix an issue I was having with Epos Now & Shopify integration. Does what it says on the tin! (as long as you have basic common sense)
    Said by : GOGO GADGET
  • Great app! Does what it should. I can warmly recommend this application and the support team.


    Said by : Outletbutiken.nu
  • Honestly! The best App ever! If you are analytical and you need to find more information about the data you have or exports this App is certainly the one you need to download! Not only can they customise exports for you but can do things that no other app can! For example finding products with missing images or even variants there is no other app out there!
    Said by : MISTR.co.uk
  • Great app, does what it needs to do and customer service was very helpful with updating the app to make it more convenient for me and everyone else
    Said by : growhouse.supply
  • App was great! It deleted all my duplicated products in batches by using duplicate SKUs. Saved so much time!
    Said by : Atelerietheshop
  • Very useful App. Saved me countless hours in finding duplicates. Highly recommend it, especially if you have a lot of products. My store has about 10,000 items.
    Said by : We Shop Fashion

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